Lily Bluff, Lily Boulders, Obed, and the Y12 Craig

From Atlanta or Chattanooga, take I-75 North to I-40 West. Exit onto US 27 at Harriman, Tennessee.
From Knoxville, take I-40 West to Harriman.
From Nashville, take I-40 East and exit onto 298 North at Crossville, Tennessee. Follow 298 until it deadends into 62 and turn right. Go about two miles and turn right on Ridge Road. Follow the directions below for the rest.

From Harriman, follow US 27 North to Wartburg, Tennessee. From Wartburg, take Highway 62 to Lancing. From the railroad crossing in Lancing, proceed for three miles to Ridge Road on the left, at a gray, two-door garage. Turn left on Ridge Road and follow it into the Park. Specific directions for each climbing area are given from this point, and can be found at the beginning of each section, as well as below.

Directions for Clear Creek: After turning onto Ridge Road, follow it for approximately 2.5 miles, to Doc Howard Road, on the left. Follow Doc Howard a few hundred yards to a parking area on the right, in a grassy field. Note: This parking area is provided by the adjacent landowner, as a convenience to climbers. There is a wooden collection box at the entrance, so throw a few bucks in when you park. The trail to the Clear Creek begins at the end of this parking area. For North Clear and the Inner Circle, follow the first obvious descent trail on the right, to the cliff base, following a gully/ramp system. To access South Clear Creek and areas farther downstream, continue along the rim trail, which leads to the prominent point that delineates North Clear and South Clear. Follow the trail to the left and look for a well-worn descent trail on the right after a few hundred yards. This trail comes down next to Shroom and Colorado Boy. Clear Creek access is best figured out using the accompanying maps and diagrams.

Lily Bluff

Follow the same directions as above, but do not turn onto Doc Howard Road. Instead, follow Ridge Road down a steep grade, and park at Lilly Bridge, where there are conveniently located toilets. The trail goes up the hillside on the opposite side of the bridge, to the cliff base.

Lily Boulders

Continue up the hill for a few hundred yards, and look for a hidden pulloff on the right, blocked by several boulders. This is the old pulloff for Lilly Boulders, but parking and camping are no longer allowed. There is a new trail from the Lilly Bluff Overlook parking lot at the top of the hill, to Lilly Boulders.

OBED and the Y12 CRAIG

Proceed from Lilly Bridge to the top of the hill. Just after the crest, there is a parking area/pulloff on the left to access the overlook balconies atop Lilly Buttress. Drive to the back cul-de-sac and park. Follow the obvious trail toward the overlook for about 200 yards and look for a newly-marked trail to the right. This trail skirts east along the hillside toward the Obed. After about _ mile, look for a piece of orange survey tape on the left, marking a faint footpath on the left. To reach Y12, take this trail down a few ledgy downclimbs and scrambles to the right. You will soon come to a narrow ledge, high above the ground, with a fixed safety rope strung across it. Be very careful here! Note: Dogs should have no problem with this access.

Continue right along the cliff base, passing the first identifiable route. Soon you will come to a wet corner with a waterfall. There are two routes on a ledge to the left, but for the rest of the cliff, cut downhill, away from the cliff base and around the corner.

For the Obed, continue on the main trail, crossing a creek, to reconnect with the old logging road near Arch Rock, out on the ridge/peninsula. For West Obed, turn right and follow the logging road for about ten minutes. An obvious trail skirts down and left along a creekbed to the cliff base. For the Tierrany Wall, turn left and follow the road down almost to the end of the point. Look for a well-worn trail down and right. Scramble down this “dog-friendly” gully to the cliff base and walk right.