Day of Party

If you are going to decorate tables, please plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the start time of your party. Encourage party participants to arrive 15 minutes in advance of the start time of your party so that we can get them checked in, outfitted with gear, and ready to climb.

Items to Bring

Table Clothes (tables are rectangular and 8' in length), Utensils (forks, spoons, cake knife, spatula), Napkins, Plates, Matches, a Cooler, Drinks (sodas, juices, water), Snacks (chips, cake, pizza). We can provide you the name of local pizza delivery companies if you need them.

Not Permitted

For everyone's safety and in consideration of other climbers, please do not bring any of the following items: Piñatas, Silly String, Bubble Gum, Balls, Snap 'N Pops, Noise Makers, Whistles, Tasmanian Devils, or large Constricting Snakes.