Laurel Falls

From Dayton, Tennessee, take Walnut Grove Road 1.5 miles to Back Valley Road. Go one mile and turn right on Richland Creek Road. Continue to the picnic area/trailhead. The trail follows Richland Creek and crosses an old wooden bridge. After about a mile, the trail cuts uphill and right, crosses a metal footbridge, continues through a boulderfield, to a fork. Bear right and follow it to the cliff. Where the trail intersects the cliff, it is possible to follow a steep gully to the top. This trail crosses Laurel Creek above the falls, then continues to Snake Head Point along an old logging road.

Yes, the rumors are true, there is a top drive-in for Laurel Falls, but if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you. Seriously, the top access follows a four-wheel drive road that branches off the Evensville Side Road, from the town of Evensville, just north of Dayton. Hint: Check out the Evensville and Morgan Springs USGS quad sheets. Bring a tow rope.