Tennessee Wall

From downtown Chattanooga, take Highway 124 North, crossing the Tennessee River. Proceed approximately one mile, then exit onto Highway 127 North (Signal Mountain Road), following signs for Signal Mountain. Continue for roughly one and a half miles, and just before the road climbs the mountain, turn left onto Suck Creek Road (Highway 27 West). Pass the obvious cement plant on the right, and continue for four miles to the bridge spanning Suck Creek. Immediately past the bridge, make a hard left onto River Canyon Road. Note: Also known as Mullins Cove Road, this road is unmarked. Drive slowly along this curvy road, passing houses, children, dogs etc. for about six miles. Look for a small gravel pulloff/parking area on the left beside a large oak tree. If this parking area is full, it is possible to park along the road, but the shoulder is steep. Make sure your vehicle is well off the pavement, as this road can be a virtual speedway at times. The hiking trail begins 25 yards or so before the pulloff.