Walls Are Meant For Climbing

Atlanta Rocks! partnered with The North Face for Global Climbing Day (Recap below):

“A big congratulations and sincere thank you to everyone who took part in Global Climbing Day this past August. We had over 40,000 participants join us around the world to take part in this movement. Our goal was to grow, expand, and diversify the climbing community; on August 18 we had 210 gyms activate in over 20 countries across the globe to bring climbers, experienced and new, together to share the values of inclusivity and community that we all find through the sport of climbing.

“None of this would have been possible without your support and enthusiasm. Through the countless photos and recaps we have seen of the day, it’s incredibly clear that we are all part of a powerful global community. Check out the hashtags #climbwalls and #wallsaremeantforclimbing, along with the attached deck that includes a snapshot of some of the activations from Global Climbing Day.

“Again, thank you for joining us for Global Climbing Day 2018! We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Mike Ferris
Senior Director-Global Brand Management
The North Face